False Alarm billing software (FAB) assists municipalities in reducing costly false alarm calls for service at the same time increasing cost recovery (revenue) to your jurisdiction by properly tracking repeat offenders, providing timely notices and fee assessment, holding the alarm owner accountable for wasteful false alarm incidents.   

There are two software products with FAB, and three ways to implement the solution you choose.  Using our software tools is not rocket science, it is designed to be easy and simple to use.   Each jurisdiction that chooses to work with EnablePoint has unique processes and procedures, and our software tools are designed to adapt to your workflow, and not force you to adapt your policy and process to a more 'cookie cutter' static system.  


Solution #1 - WEBFAB - Our browser based Software as a Service (SaaS) software product

We handle everything, and keep the software maintenance and security handled for you. The software product is 'in the cloud' and you simply sign in and start using the software. There is little or no involvement required from your IT department.

Webfab screen shot
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Solution #2 - WEBFAB on your web server

We co-ordinate with your IT Department and install our WEBFAB product in your environment. We provide ongoing support and updates scheduled via your IT Team.  Your data is 100% in your environment and secure by your IT staff. 


Solution #3 -  Alarm Management Processing Services (AMPS)

The approach EnablePoint Inc. takes to alarm management processing services is unique and very simple; you are in full control; We do the work for you. Click here to read more.

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All Solutions provide the following features and benefits

FAB software accommodates all city or township ordinance fee schedules. Whether your City's ordinance is all inclusive or when you have a separate ordinance for Police, Fire, ambulance or 911 calls, our software can accomandate:

Our proven software can increase short-term revenue for your organization and at the same time reduces police and fire staffing costs by assisting in the reduction of false alarms. Call us for an on-site or remote demonstration now!

Increases municipal revenue at the same time making Police and Fire personnel safer. Helps reduce overtime and other staffing expenses.

The FAB software integrates with all 911 dispatch systems. A daily, monthly, or weekly export provides all the necessary data we need to begin the tracking and billing functions.

Data is processed through our intelligent import process, and suspected data integrity issues such as typographical errors, incorrect suite numbers or addresses are presented to the user, and the corrections are easily made. This process is quick and has proven to maintain an accurate false alarm count allowing for frequent alarm offenders to be assessed fees properly.

The software is protected by user levels for management, administrative, and clerical staff.


Logical overview of the Registration and False Alarm Billing process with EnablePoint 


Features of FAB


Features of OARS


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