This document gives an overview of the forms feature in the Police Officer Portal System (POPS) using examples of:

  • • Officer One, a patrol officer receiving the review;
  • • Officer Two, the patrol officer’s Sergeant; and
  • • Officer Three, the Captain authorizing and creating the final record.

For the Sergeant to begin, go to ‘Forms’, look for ‘My Forms’, and click the ‘Create’ icon. 

After the icon is clicked, you will see the different TYPES of forms your user login is authorized to create:

The possible types are:

Summary of roles in this example


After the ‘Update’ button is clicked, it will now show up in Officer Three’s “Forms assigned to me” section.

In this example, Officer Three will login and click “Forms Assigned to Me” and then click into the form.

The Captain (Officer Three) has several actions he or she can take:

In the example below, Officer Three is clicking “Sign and mark completed” to sign and complete the form.

 After the form is marked completed, it will display in the Officer History in the ‘Performance Review’ Category.

When the performance review form is opened by the officer, or any management, the permanent data can be viewed.

Top Half of completed form example 

Second Half of completed form example 

Comments that follow the form wherever it goes

Note the ‘attachments’  feature, which allows for any scanned documents to be attached to this form during the lifecycle of start to finish.   This feature is not outlined in this example.