Our newest product, the Police Officer Portal Software (POPS) began in 2017, with the requirement to provide individual Officer's uniform inventory tracking. The inventory system has expanded into tracking weapon assignment history and qualification score records with the weapons. We are currently adding the ability to track inventory on radios, cell phones, gas masks, etc. issued to the individual officer.

The system has security login levels. A manager can view officers below his or her rank, but not above. The Rangemaster sees only the weapon inventory, and the Quartermaster sees only the uniform inventory. The Chief and other top level management can view all departments and all records associated with each individual Officer.

POPS shows you a detailed history of your department's officers and / or civilians.  The system tracks complaints, awards, counseling records, weapons, equipment, uniforms, Tasers, radios, and any other equipment assignments.   

POPS tracks a journal history of each item assigned. Security levels allow you to set viewing permissions by rank and chain of command. A sophisticated form system allows forms to be electronically approved by management and appear in an officer’s history.  It also tracks weapons inventory and range courses and scores.

Emergency contacts, family members of your officers, certifications and awards, and education documents are all stored within an individual officer’s history pages. 

A sophisticated online form entry can be accessed by anyone who is authorized.  A counseling form for an officer to be used for internal use only, an award form that can be viewed by the entire department, or a blank citizen complaint form can be added to your public facing website for a citizen to fill out.   All forms can be forwarded and researched by your management and set to the desired security levels outlining which rank(s) or officers can see the forms. 

For a complete overview, Click Here for our online manual.